05 Jul Where is the next best area to buy in Dublin and surrounds?

Buying – Dublin: When there are major redevelopment plans in place for an area, it is always a sign that a locale is on the up. This is definitely the case with Phibsborough. Dublin City Council have received €50m redevelopment plans for the shopping centre in the town, with work set to include activity on Dalymount Park.

There are people who say that the redevelopment plans don’t go far enough. Given that an eight storey tower, dubbed one of the ugliest buildings in the whole of Dublin, will remain in place. However, these plans indicate that the suburb in the north of Dublin is on the rise. If you are looking for an area where you can expect to see the most value being added to property in the next year and beyond, Phibsborough is worth considering.

INHOUS, Dublin,

Phibsborough has a lot to offer

Lying around a 30 minute walk from the heart of Dublin, with a number of transport options operating in and out of this part of the capital, it is a good base for people working in the city or who want to venture out on a regular basis. With the Mater Hospital located close by, there are many practical reasons why Phibsborough is seen as one of the best areas to buy in Dublin in 2017. When it comes to property that is affordable, due in part to having been previously undervalued, there is no doubt that Phibsborough is seen as the Dublin suburb that is tipped to increase in value in the near future.

Of course, given that  Dublin is an area on the up at the moment, with many businesses looking to relocate to the city.  It is no surprise that there are other areas that are likely to be of interest. The arrival of major firms in Dublin and likely many more to follow, has sparked interest in a number of areas. The presence of Google in the South Docks/Ringsend area has had a huge impact on demand for property in this part of the city. When you have employment opportunities, demand for property follows and the cache of being close to Google is something that will see many other firms flock to this and surrounding areas. This means you can be confident that there will be a continued level of interest and demand for property in this area of Dublin.

Buying – Dublin

Tech companies lead the way in Dublin

Given that this is an area where technology is driving change, there is no doubt that it is seen as a trendy area in the city and this influences the stores that are opening up in the region. If you like the idea of gentrification that has happened in thriving areas of the United States and the UK, this could be the place for you to set up home in Dublin.

Other areas that have been cited as being worth considering in Dublin include Ashtown, Harold’s Cross, City West and Dún Laoghaire. The fact that there are so many different areas being tipped as being worth looking out for in Dublin tells you all you need to know about the level of confidence in the property market and expectations of what the market has to offer in the near future