30 Oct Is there a need for a property broker service in London?

Property Broker

While the low cost and convenience of online estate agents have helped many people to sell their home at a price that suits them, this approach isn’t suitable for everyone looking to sell their home. There are some homes that will benefit from a more focused level of attention and if you are keen to ensure your property stands out from the crowd, you’ll want to get the best standard of help in selling your property. There may be a dip in the number of traditional estate agents operating in the United Kingdom but there is a growing level of interest in property broker services, and this may be exactly what you need to sell your London property quickly and effectively.

As with many things in the UK, the growing interest in a property broker service in London owes a lot to the influence of America. This is a service that is common in the US and it provides a more detailed and focused service aimed at helping property owners sell their home in the most efficient and productive way. There are a number of key services that a broker will undertake for their client and if these sound of benefit to you when selling your home, it may be best for you to hire a broker as opposed to an online or traditional estate agent.

You want to stage your property

When it comes to grabbing attention from the right sort of buyer, persuading people to make an offer and obtaining the best possible price, you will find that staging your property is a very good idea. Staging a home is much more than cleaning and decluttering, it is the act of presenting the property with a particular buyer or demographic in mind. A staged property is one that creates a unified and distinct theme at the property, which will hopefully convince the potential buyer that is the home that is perfectly suited to their needs.

The benefits of staging a property can more than justify the cost of rental furniture or asking a professional to stage the property for you. When you stage a property alongside an experienced broker, you tap into their knowledge of the local market and understanding of what potential buyers are looking for.

Remedial work needs carried out at the property

If there is remedial work that needs to be carried out at a property, it is best to carry it out before placing the property on the market. If you decide to leave the property as is, it is likely that a potential buyer will want to negotiate the price down, which could see you miss out on a lot of value for the home.

Therefore, having the issues repaired or resolved before the property is placed on the market makes sense, and there are further benefits to be gained by employing a property broker to carry out the work. The broker will likely have a number of professionals who they trust and have a good working relationship with. This means you can be confident the work will be carried out to a high standard while obtaining the best value for money building services. This should ensure that you have all remedial work carried out at a fair price and that you can protect or improve the value of your property.

A good broker understands that if the process is simple and straightforward, it will be a more pleasurable experience for the buying and selling party. This means the right broker will undertake work on your behalf, removing a great deal of the stress and hassle associated with property deals. If you are busy or have a lot to contend with, placing a lot of responsibility onto a skilled and experienced professional is an extremely smart move.

Things to consider

While there will be some people who question the additional cost of hiring a broker, this needs to be balanced out with the opportunity to sell the property at a higher price, more time to focus on other matters and less stress and inconvenience. For many people, the cost of hiring a professional can be more than justified through the range of benefits on offer and this is how the model works for most brokers. However, at INHOUS when we assist a client with a sale or rental we secure our fee from the overall estate agency fee, the only cost to you directly are any property disbursements such as costs of property staging, furniture removal, cleaning, gardening/landscaping, general maintenance, certificates etc.

When you hire a broker, you benefit from a start to finish service that gives you peace of mind and confidence at all stages of the process of selling your home. Many observers liken the broker experience to a “white glove service” and this indicates the high standard of service you experience when you work alongside a professional in this manner. Given the competitive nature of the London property market, there is a clear need for brokerage services and many property owners will benefit from utilising this style of service when selling their home.