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Open Market Valuation

An Open Market Valuation is useful in establishing the correct value of the property. There are a number of circumstances that will lead you to an open market valuation report, some of which include a property purchase or sale, tax planning, probate and financial planning. From the time of property inspection, on average INHOUS aim to deliver an Open Market Valuation Report report within 48 hours.


It is important to remember that an Open Market Valuation Report does NOT include a condition survey and so if you need advice on potential repairs and replacements in addition to an opinion of market value please refer to our RICS HomeBuyers Report and Building Survey Report.

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RICS Home Buyers Report

A Home Buyer Report is an in depth visual inspection providing professional, expert advice on the property’s condition and a reasonable price to pay for it. It is the most cost effective means of gaining peace of mind before your purchase commitment. The report’s clear and concise format highlights the condition of the property by way of a 1, 2, 3 rating system ranging from no defects to serious defects respectively. Advice on the requirement for repairs, replacement or further investigation of any highlighted issues is also provided along with cost of reinstating the property for insurance purposes plus an Energy Performance Certificate.


INHOUS aim to achieve a 72hour report turn around from the date of property inspection. The RICS HomeBuyers Report is less comprehensive than a Building Survey, which is a far more in-depth inspection of the condition of a property.

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Building Survey

Is the subject property a listed building? Perhaps it is in a state of significant disrepair? You may simply want carry out extensive renovation works and need to know if the existing structure can withstand the pressure of the works. These are just a few examples of where a Building Survey Report should be sought. Our RICS qualified surveyors will ensure you are protected by investigating the property further and will advise on any visible and hidden defects in addition to any remedial works accordingly.


The timeframe of Building Survey reporting can vary significantly depending on the condition of the property and potential scope of works. Therefore an estimated report timescale will be provided once a full understanding of the survey brief is achieved.

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